PeopleSoft Workflow


security requests

Simplify the workflow approval lifecycle by integrating online forms, routing, and automation tools into one.

User Access

Supervisors can view which PeopleSoft menus and pages are currently assigned to a user.

Online Forms

Online request forms make it easy to request security changes for new and existing users.

Workflow Routing

Tickets can be routed manually or automatically based on flexible workflows.

Audit Review

Security requests are checked against audit controls and flagged for potential violations.

Change Log

Completed tickets and approvals are kept in a history log for easy auditing.

Dynamic Provisioning

Automatically provision and de-provision approved security changes in PeopleSoft.



PeopleSoft tools

Sentinel offers a comprehensive suite of administration tools and reports to simplify PeopleSoft Security, Audits, Workflows, and Support.

Sentinel settings menu dashboard.
Workflow Settings

Configurable workflows to simplify routing and approvals for access requests.


User list of PeopleSoft user accounts from all environments.
User Hub

Provision and de-provision user accounts for all PeopleSoft environments in one place.


Sentinel list of all PeopleSoft environments.
Environment Hub

Centrally manage security and reporting for all of your PeopleSoft environments.


Security Reports

Interactive reports allow you to analyze user access and security permissions with ease.


Sentinel history log PeopleSoft 
security updates.
Track Changes

Keep a detailed audit log of security updates to users, roles and permission lists.


Role Groups

Role Groups can be used to create security templates for managing Peoplesoft securityaccess.