PeopleSoft Security

Manage security

like a pro

Empower administrators with tools to manage PeopleSoft security at an expert level.

Visual Security

Security permissions are displayed as PeopleSoft navigation menus.

Compare Security

Compare security differences between users and PeopleSoft databases.

Sync Security

Copy security permissions from one PeopleSoft environment to another.

Fluid Security

Manage access to Fluid Homepages, Tiles, and Navigation Collections.

Audit Assessment

Easily identify Privileged Access, Sensitive Data, and Segregation of Duties conflicts.

Track Changes

Track and monitor security updates for Users, Roles, and Permission Lists.

SACR Security

View all user security setup options in Campus Solutions.

Temporary Access

Automatically assign and revoke temporary and emergency access privileges for set periods.

Dynamic Provisioning

Provision and de-provision user access for new hires and terminations instantly.



PeopleSoft solutions

Sentinel provides administration tools and reports to simplify PeopleSoft Security, Audits, Workflows, and Support.

PeopleSoft security Matrix
Security Matrix

A complete view security access for all PeopleSoft Users, Roles and Permission Lists


Sentinel dashboard of PeopleSoft fluid access.
Fluid Security

Reports and an intuitive user interface to easily manage access to Homepages, Tiles and Navigation Collection pages.


User list of PeopleSoft user accounts from all environments.
User Hub

Provision and de-provision user accounts for all PeopleSoft environments in one place.


Sentinel list of all PeopleSoft environments.
Environment Hub

Centrally manage security and reporting for all of your PeopleSoft environments.


PeopleSoft security reports dashboard in Sentinel
Security Reports

Interactive reports allow you to analyze user access and security permissions with ease.


Sentinel history log PeopleSoft 
security updates.
Change History

Keep a detailed audit log of security updates to users, roles and permission lists.