What’s New in PeopleTools 8.60

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PeopleTools 8.60 is here!

And, it’s safe to say the PeopleSoft community is excited. Check out what’s new in PeopleTools 8.60.

Oracle made PeopleTools 8.60 generally available for customers to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) on October 14, 2022. The cloud-first delivery offers a host of new enhancements that cater to PeopleSoft end-users, developers, and administrators.

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What’s New in PeopleTools 8.60 For User Experience

Redwood Color Scheme

Users will notice visual changes to the user interface, as the 8.60 release aligns with the Redwood color scheme. The color differences are apparent on the system header, icons, and various UX elements, such as page tabs, grid tabs, buttons, checkboxes, etc.

PeopleTools 8.60 Redwood Color Scheme

Updated Banner Layout  

A new and improved banner layout comprises two sections, a global section at the top and a contextual section beneath. In the global section, users can find common controls, including the back arrow, quick access items, global search, home and notification icons, actions menu, and the Navbar. The contextual section displays the title of the content and its respective actions menu.

PeopleTools. 8.60 Updated Banner Layout


A “mark as complete” feature is now available within the Notifications panel of PeopleTools 8.60. Users can mark actionable notifications as complete from the homepage, rather than navigating into the transaction itself.    

PeopleTools 8.60 Notifications Panel

Global Search / Quick Access Bar

In PeopleTools 8.60, users will enjoy one-click access for easy navigation and search capabilities. Global Search is available on all PeopleSoft pages, and the Quick Access Bar is also displayed by default on all Fluid homepages, dashboards, and transaction pages.

What's New in PeopleTools 8.60 for Global Search

Configurable Search  

Configurable Search is seemingly one of the most sought-after aspects of what’s new in PeopleTools 8.60. Its release provides a unified search for classic and fluid components. The new search technology also enables the ability to configure search properties for customizing the look and feel of the search page.

Search continues to be a primary area of focus, considering its high level of use among nearly every user. 8.60 includes enhancements to the Search Framework, including real-time indexing, configurable date range indexing, and data masking support for Global Search.

Configurable Search in PeopleTools 8.60 delivers:
  • Uniformity for classic & fluid component search
  • Consistency in the search experience for end-users.
  • A configuration page to set up component search properties.
  • Less dependency on App Designer.

What’s New in PeopleTools 8.60 For Developers & Admins

Integration Enhancements  

PeopleTools 8.60 offers advances to the Application Services Framework to support Consumer Application Services. In addition, changes to the REST Framework provide the ability to create Oracle standard REST APIs. 8.60 also features improvements to the Data Distribution Framework that automate creating and running data science jobs.

Security & Privacy  

Password lengths can now accommodate up to 64 characters for select user accounts. Admins can run Access Log queries to track log-in and log-out activity, including abandoned sessions, and user profiles can be set to lock on a future date. PeopleTools 8.60 also offers data masking support for analytics.

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Future Date Lock Outs in PeopleTools 8.60

Lifecycle Management  

The usage monitor is now easier to use and no longer requires the Performance Monitor configuration with PeopleTools 8.60. Several other lifecycle management tools underwent a revamp in the new release, such as the Test Framework, and Change Assistant / Update Manager, including PUM Automated Updates (PAU) and administering metadata. In addition, customers can also utilize Sentinel’s compare analysis tool to instantly compare environments, users, or security objects and identify differences.

What's New in PeopleTools 8.60 for Lifecycle Tools Options

How To Access What's New in PeopleTools 8.60

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Customers can find the new release as a subscription in Cloud Manager Image 14. Running PeopleSoft on OCI enables agility, operational efficiency, and first-to-market access for updates, like 8.60. It is anticipated that PeopleTools 8.60 will be generally available for on-premise customers on December 1, 2022.  

PeopleTools 8.60 offers a breadth of new, exciting functionality!  See how Sentinel can assist in supporting your PeopleSoft environments and make leveraging new features simple.