How To Protect Against Internal Security Threats

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Internal security threats come in many different forms, and it’s possible in every sector. They can be current employees, former employees, contractors, or even partners of a firm. By definition, an internal threat includes any person within an organization that has access to IT networks or critical business data, who can use their access to cause harm.

Spotting The Danger

Identifying an insider threat isn’t always easy, especially since not all act with malicious intent. Those out for vengeance may show signs of anger, frustration, and an overall disconnection, but that’s not a given. Companies should always keep a close eye on those acting out of character or those recently terminated, demoted, or placed on leave.  

However, relying solely on spotting these changes isn’t practical or feasible.

Minimizing The Risk

The first step to protect against internal security threats starts well before identifying any bad apples. It begins with implementing policies, procedures, and setting guidelines for managing users with privileged access.

It’s vital for organizations to define critical assets, risk factors, and potential vulnerabilities. In addition, an organization should prioritize the risks from most critical to least. Don’t forget to clearly outline policies and ensure controls align with HR and security procedures.  

Securing your internal networks shouldn’t ever just fall on your IT department. Threats can be prevented by simply beefing up your security presence, especially in high-risk areas. This can include physical security guards, installing security cameras, or implementing door access control systems. The more the better, as these all work together as deterrents.

Mitigating The Threat

The core of a secure internal network comes down to managing user access.  

For many organizations, managing security in PeopleSoft comes at a challenge. Visibliing seeing what users can access becomes buried under Roles and Permission Lists. This makes it nearly impossible to pinpoint precise access, and especially not fast.

Sentinel provides an innovative way of managing user access in PeopleSoft. From on-demand reports showcasing users with access to sensitive data to enabling notifications whenever privileged access is granted, administration becomes simple. With Sentinel, you’ll always know what your users can access.

The tools in Sentinel provide organizations with the ability to protect against internal security threats in cost-effective ways. No more outsourcing security to various providers. Provide your administrators with the tools they need, in-house and under your own roof, with Sentinel.

Interested in learning more about the security administration tools available with Sentinel? Contact us today with your questions or schedule a live demo with our team.

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