PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15 — What’s New?

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PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15

Cloud Manager is an application for deploying and managing PeopleSoft environments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It promotes adoption and automation, and it allows organizations to scale rapidly. In the latest release, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15 delivers support for CDBs with multiple PDBs in Database Cloud Service, cloning and auto-scaling enhancements, new web server and integration broker deployments, and configuration changes in provisioned environments.

Let’s take a look at each of these features more closely:

1. Support for CDBs with Multiple Pluggable Databases

With PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15, you can now take advantage of Oracle 19c’s multi-tenant database architecture by creating multiple Pluggable Databases (PDBs) within a single Container Database (CDB). This makes it easier to manage multiple databases within a single instance and eliminates the need to create a new Database System (DBS) each time you provision a new environment. Use the Topology Tile to set up the topology and environment template, and say hello to easier database maintenance. and say hello to easier database maintenance.

Cloud Manager Image 15 - Topology Tile - Environment Template

2. Cloning Improvements

You can now expedite the cloning process by cloning a PDB into an existing local or remote Database System (DBS). Before Cloud Manager Image 15, you had to create a new DBS to clone a PDB. This new method makes it easier to move information without having to transfer data points or reconfigure settings manually.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15 - Local and Remote Cloning

3. Advanced Auto-Scaling Decisions

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15 also features an enhanced system usage visualization on the Monitoring Page. Select an interval for the graph, and view the monitoring data, the current number of mid-tier nodes, and the recommended number of mid-tier nodes based on machine learning auto-scaling decisions. This data can be used to add/remove nodes manually or to create auto-scaling policies based on the recommendations for baseline usage.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15 - Enhanced System Usage Visualization

4. New Web Server and Integration Broker Deployments

Cloud Manager Image 15 has made it possible to configure multiple server domains with custom configurations for mid-tier nodes. The Domain Settings section features a grid-like structure to add custom attributes at each domain level – Web Server, Application Server, and Process Scheduler. In addition to several settings, you can also enable Integration Broker for Application Server domains.

Image 15 also features an improved Environment Details page, which now provides a visual diagram of the nodes, PeopleSoft domains, and connections between Web Servers and Application Servers.

Cloud Manager Image 15 - Domain Configuration Settings

5. Configuration Changes in Provisioned Environments  

Users can now modify configuration attributes on the Manage Attributes page instead of directly in the managed instance. This allows for centralized configuration management in provisioned environments without requiring a separate login to the environment.  Additionally, the system maintains a backup configuration file to make it easier to revert to the original settings if an error occurs while applying custom configurations.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 15 offers many other features that make running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) an optimal choice. Sentinel further helps cloud customers manage their environments and gain visibility into user security and sensitive data access. If your organization has yet to make the switch to OCI, Sentinel is also available for on-premise installation.