Managing Users With Temporary Access Controls

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Managing access for temporary users is a critical aspect of an organization's security strategy, especially in PeopleSoft.

Temporary users, such as contractors, interns, or temporary employees, often need access to specific systems, applications, or resources for a limited duration. Balancing the need to provide them with the right level of access while maintaining security can be challenging. Fortunately, automation tools can streamline this process in PeopleSoft. Here’s how you can ensure that temporary users in PeopleSoft have the appropriate privileges to fulfill their tasks effectively and securely.

Access Control and User Discretion

Ensuring the proper evaluation and training of temporary employees is crucial, just like regular staff members. Even in emergencies, it is imperative to grant system access only to the right individuals to safeguard against insider threats. Unlike external threats, insider threats can be hard to detect and prevent since these individuals often possess legitimate access and knowledge of the organization's systems and processes. 

Insider threats can originate from various sources, including disgruntled or negligent employees, as well as temporary employees who may unknowingly fall victim to social engineering tactics. Hiring precautions must be taken, particularly in specific departments or roles requiring higher access levels in PeopleSoft, to prevent malicious actors from jeopardizing your company's data security.

Automating Temporary Role Assignments 

After assessing the suitability of a temporary employee, the next step is to prioritize effective access management. One way to streamline this process and ensure that only authorized individuals receive access for the designated timeframe is by leveraging automation. Automating access management makes it easier to set up and monitor user privileges, granting access to the right personnel and revoking it once their temporary tenure ends. This enhances security and simplifies the administrative tasks associated with managing access for temporary employees.

In Sentinel, you can create temporary access jobs that automatically assign and revoke permissions in PeopleSoft. This feature allows you to specify the exact start and end dates, as well as the specific security Role and any relevant users. By setting up these temporary access jobs, the system will automatically provision and de-provision access for the designated users within the specified time frame. 

Creating Temporary Role Assignments

Additionally, Sentinel keeps a comprehensive log of all temporary job assignments, ensuring a detailed record for your reference and tracking purposes. This functionality in the application simplifies access management and enhances security and record-keeping for temporary employees in PeopleSoft.

Temporary Access Security History Log

To learn more about the temporary access controls and dynamic PeopleSoft security tools available in Sentinel, contact a member of our team.