Easy Ways To Audit PeopleSoft User Access

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Managing user access in PeopleSoft can be a difficult task – especially following a busy period such as student enrollment. However, utilizing straightforward reports and tools can greatly simplify the process of reviewing and auditing user access in PeopleSoft. Here are the ways Sentinel makes it easy to audit PeopleSoft user access.  

Privileged Access

Being aware of the individuals who possess administrative controls and page access in your PeopleSoft system is crucial. Granting unrestricted access can potentially expose the system to unauthorized changes or errors. Sentinel simplifies the process of auditing privileged access by effectively monitoring and tracking users with access to these controls. Additionally, the Sentinel application provides predefined controls that can be fully customized for HR, Finance, and Campus Solutions.

Privileged Access Report in Sentinel

Sensitive Data

In addition to identifying individuals with administrative functions, it is equally crucial to know who has access to PII/PCI data in PeopleSoft. Sentinel helps by mapping out the different pages and fields that contain sensitive information, offering a centralized view of data access for auditing and administration purposes. Moreover, controls can be easily customized to fulfill specific requirements for audit reporting.

PeopleSoft Sensitive Data Audit Report

Segregation of Duties

To ensure compliance with regulations, it is important to review and address SOD (Segregation of Duties) conflicts whenever possible. Sentinel provides an easy method to identify and evaluate source and conflict control pages in PeopleSoft. Plus, all approval decisions can be conveniently recorded online, and reports can be effortlessly exported for comprehensive use.

SOD Audit Report in Sentinel

Correction Access

Correction-level access in the system holds the power to affect various aspects of the application, hence granting this access should be limited to trained and authorized users in PeopleSoft. In Sentinel, users can effortlessly filter by module and observe the individuals granted correction access for best-practice controls.

Correction Access Audit Report

Restricted Roles

Similar to the significance of managing correction-level access, it is equally important to manage access to specific high-level roles in PeopleSoft. In Sentinel, you can utilize the delivered controls to review and manage such restricted roles. Additionally, these controls can be easily configured to align with individual reporting requirements.

Restricted Roles Report in Sentinel

Role Changes

Sentinel also offers a unique reporting feature that enables managers and supervisors to review the roles and role changes of their employees. Like all other reports in Sentinel, this feature can be accessed instantly without requiring SQL. Managers can conveniently record their approval decisions online and export the Role Changes Report as needed.

Role Changes Report in Sentinel

Notifications & Manager Dashboard

In addition to the features mentioned above, the application also offers various tools such as Notifications and the Manager Dashboard, which facilitate auditing PeopleSoft access and proactively managing compliance risks. All features are readily available out-of-the-box or can be fully customized to align with your specific reporting needs.

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