5 PeopleSoft Audit Reports with Attestation

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Is your organization being slowed down by outdated internal audit processes? Manual PeopleSoft audit reports are time-consuming and tend to hinder operational efficiency. This can affect various departments within the organization as they rely on each other to access user information, reports, and records.  As a result, there are frequent delays in generating audit reports and reviewing data, making it difficult to meet compliance requirements and promptly respond to audit inquiries. Without a streamlined and automated system, it becomes challenging for organizations to identify and address potential risks and stay on top of non-compliant activities.

Sentinel is a tool that helps simplify the audit review and reporting processes for PeopleSoft. It has comprehensive audit reports with delivered and configurable controls for managing sensitive data, privileged access, and segregation of duties. Each report can be accessed on-demand or set to generate automatically according to a set schedule. The application offers a user-friendly summary of audit issues, review progress, and remediation items while maintaining an ongoing attestation for online access reviews.

Here are 5 PeopleSoft audit reports with attestation delivered in Sentinel.

1. Segregation of Duties

Sentinel identifies users who have access to source and conflict control pages for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations. Within the application, you can easily access SOD controls organized by module. Summary statistics provide an overview of the number of users, those who need remediation, and those who haven't been reviewed yet. Audit decisions are recorded online and include an attestation from the reviewer along with a timestamp indicating the date.

Sentinel Audit Report for SOD Conflicts

2. Sensitive Data

The application highlights who has access to personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI) data in PeopleSoft. By selecting an audit project in the Sensitive Data report, you can record decisions online for users with access to specific PII/PCI data controls. The sensitive data settings help determine which PeopleSoft modules and pages are included in the Sensitive Data Audit Report. These reports categorize the different pages and fields that contain PII/PCI information. Sentinel consolidates all this data to provide a centralized and comprehensive view of sensitive data access for auditing and administrative purposes.

3. Privileged Access

Users with privileged access have the ability to access administrator controls, pages, or specific processes in PeopleSoft. While these pages may not always contain PII/PCI data, they are classified as privileged access due to their administrative or functional nature. This can include pages such as security pages, approval pages, and process pages. Sentinel segregates this type of access into a separate report called Privileged Access. Audit decisions for privileged access are recorded online within this report, specifically noted by the audit project. The recorded decisions, whether approving or denying access, include the reviewer's information and a timestamp.

Sentinel Audit Report for Privileged Access in PeopleSoft

4. Restricted Roles 

Sentinel allows you to monitor and document audit decisions for users with access to specific PeopleSoft Roles. This can be done through the Restricted Roles audit report, which provides a comprehensive list of restricted roles. It is simple to add new roles to this list. Summary statistics within the report offer valuable insights, including the number of users, those requiring remediation, and those that have yet to be reviewed.

Sentinel Audit Report for PeopleSoft Restricted Roles.

5. Correction Access

The Correction Access audit report in Sentinel offers a comprehensive list of users with Correction-Level access to pages in PeopleSoft. These users can update existing data and effective dates, as well as insert new data rows with any effective date. Given the high level of access, it is crucial to monitor and restrict correction access. Correction-level access controls are categorized by module for easy reference. Like other audit reports in Sentinel, audit decisions for correction access are also recorded online, including an attestation from the reviewer.

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